Thursday, May 29, 2008

The Latest Project - Inside

We are about to begin one of the biggest restoration projects to date (and our first in Rowe). By big I'm referring to area. Without measuring we figured this room is about 28' x 15' - I think that may be a conservative guess.

The barnboard on the end wall is going to stay - Dad told me it was put up originally because the plaster was falling off the wall. This kind of repair seems to be the way it's been done in sooo many of the old houses we've worked on (or visited).

As you can see the ceiling is coming down in the far corner - it's been like this for a couple of years but there are other points in the ceiling that are really beginning to sag so we've decided to gut the room, insulate and drywall. If it was a true restoration we'd be mixing up the plaster but it seems to be a lost art (and we don't have the time or knowledge to do it). The window that is closest on the left actually has a deep ledge, almost a window seat. That whole window is being removed and replaced to bring it back flush with the wall. It overhangs the patio with a small roof and the whole structure is rotten and looks like its ready to fall off.

Of course this is the kind of help Bill will have for the week - they look better earlier in the day. God help him is all I have to say.

I'll post next week on the progress - I will at least have shots of the demo - 200 years of dirt. Everyone will be in respirators, fun is.