Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Another Setback

Last week I got an email from my dad that just said "call" in
the subject line.  Never a good thing.
He told me that the heating pipes in the library had frozen
and spit.  With the warmer weather last Monday and Tuesday
all hell broke loose in that room with water and steam and no
one was there to see it until Tuesday afternoon.
The doors were so swollen you had to use a hammer to 
pound them open (yes the doors were shut, probably the
reason the pipes froze - but sometimes arguing with your
father gets you nowhere).
Apparently there was over an inch of water on the floor
and the steam was extreme (not to mention that the furnace ran
non stop for 2 days).

This was the only shot I took of the ceiling.  The room will be cleaned
out this coming weekend - we're waiting for an insurance adjuster
to take a look at this.  This is really the last room that needed
to be cleaned out so it may be a blessing in disguise (but Bill and I
thought this was one room that we wouldn't have to do anything to).
The initial surprise for me was that the wallpaper stayed on the walls, 
then I remembered that my mother had papered over new drywall.
Sized or not that paper is NEVER coming off!

Back in the Saddle

This trip actually happened on January 25th - I'm trying to be
 a little more timely with the posts again.
We are finally back on track with working on the room.  I had
a total knee replacement on December 4th and was unable to
stay in Rowe (mostly because I didn't want to freeze) and the 
stairs were too steep to go up.

The dogs are really looking to see if anyone is getting food
in the kitchen but it looks like they are admiring the room 
with its basecoat of paint.

It's beginning to look like something good is happening.  Or that we
might finish it someday.

The next job is sanding or stripping the woodwork.  The doors will be
sanded but I will be stripping the mantel.

Bill thought the fireplace screen made a good crate for Sophie - she looks
less than enthused but just patiently awaited her release.