Monday, August 22, 2011

Moving Rocks (Large Ones)

 Bill and I finished the upper part of the new flower garden on Sunday.
The rock mess on the right of the steps is in the process of being

We put the last huge rocks on the top.  It's amazing what
you can do with a tractor.

 Bill brought fill in from one of his many huge
mulch piles out in the back.

I raked it into fill in some of the dips.

Also raked out some of the debris - it's amazing what I had
to remove besides sticks, roots and chunks of rotted

There was a little metal roofing and the latch to an old ladder.

Buddy was just observing when we walked the back forty.

He's really not sure about the new dog.

But after we begged him to come along he decided Chester
wasn't all bad.

Next year I think the garden may be that patch below the
new garden.  It'll have to have stumps and large, round rocks
removed and some fill brought in, but it's a much sunnier spot.

And Bill and Chester will reclaim their lawn.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011


I can't remember ever seeing rabbits in the yard.  After years of
coyotes every single animal had disappeared.  Good for the
garden, not so much for someone who loves to see wildlife at
every turn.

These photos are a little blurry but you get the idea.
They were playing like kittens.

Attacking each other.

Zooming around the yard.

A few weeks ago Bill found these two in the weeds while
he was weed whacking.  All of them were traumatized by the
whole event.

They are now over it - the rabbits and Bill.  They aren't
really afraid of any of us.

And there seems to be enough vegetation around to keep
them out of my garden.

So when they aren't eating they are playing their days
away. Not a bad way to spend the summer.