Friday, July 25, 2008

Away for a Week

There is no more peaceful spot for Bill and I than
Lake Winnepesaukee.

We begin each day on the dock.

And end each day on the boat.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Most of the Weekend Off

Everyone got comfortable on the beach while Bill went
back for chairs. We were one of the first boats on the lake
so we got one of the very few beaches available.
Cait's always up for having her pic taken.

Buddy needed some sunglasses.

Manda got ready to shoot Ashley and Cait on the tube.
This was Ashley's first tubing experience and she wanted
it documented.
She got the hang of it after a few spills.

Enjoyed the views.

And took a few more spills.

Cait got a little too much sun.

Of course we had to get something done on
the house before we left so Paul finished
taking down the shutters.
I think Manda was just waiting for him
to fall.

Now it's ready for scraping and painting.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Priming, Cleanup and a Little Gardening

Paul priming the ceiling June 28th. The next day they

cleaned the whole room out and replaced the plastic

drop cloth. Then a finish coat was put on the ceiling. The

walls were primed as well.

Bill's looking a little happier about the whole project.

This is what I did all day Saturday - a garden restoration project.

After years of mowing the lawn with no edging the whole

thing needed to be dug up. Now I have to move some

bulbs and plant some new things (always my favorite part).

Another view.

These are my tomatoes and peppers - not bad for an impromptu

spot. They like it there and it's pretty well protected

from the hail storms we've been getting.

This is the resting spot this year. We love Dad's adirondack

chairs and the garden is pretty nice as well.

Electricity and Alcohol

Bill and Paul decided it would be a great idea to
wire in a switch and light (at 11:30 pm) even though
we didn't have a light to put in the box.

They also tell me not to worry about turning off the
breaker because the switch is off.
Yeah, right.

Takes two of them to figure it out though.

Bill likes the look of the hanging switch - he thinks we
should leave it like this - easier to find in the dark.

Paul seems to like the idea as well.

I'm not so sure about the switch.

But I'm equally unimpressed with the fixture.
But it works.

I did go home the next day and order fixtures
for the room, that way I wouldn't have to look at this.

Taping Finished

Paul and Mike finished taping and mudding the room on June 14th,
now onto sanding.

Paul needed a little toast to finish this phase of the job -
of course Bill couldn't let him drink alone!