Thursday, August 19, 2010

Odd Weekend Fun

Helped Carolyn and Mike grade their driveway last weekend.
Bill rode the grader while Mike drove the truck. This
piece of machinery looks like a pile of really unsafe junk and
works like a charm. And was fun too.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The Weeds Are Winning

Not having blogged in a while I figured I'd dive back in
with photos of this years garden.
I planted a potager this year - can never seem to do just
rows. But after weeding this lovely design I'd like something
I can just run the tiller through.

The chard was beautiful, plentiful and very tasty.

Scarlet runner beans for the hummingbirds from lasts years seed.

Early sunflowers.

Many of the sunflowers were volunteers this year. I just left
them when they were coming up. You can never have too
many - just ask the birds and the bees!

Just waiting for the bumper crop of tomatoes. Started
my own seed this year and was sceptical when I put those
scrawny little plants in the ground.
Seeds are the most amazing things to me. You just place
a tiny thing in the earth (or pots) and life just springs
forth. Preparing your beds for them takes a little time
but is worth it. You fuss over them a little as they are
coming up. They are little bits of faith and hope. I love
gardening. It slows you down and fills you with wonder.