Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Trimming out the windows

Mike came over Saturday to help with the window trim. He
set up his little woodshop on the patio.
While he measured and cut the wood Bill used the sawzall
to cut off the casing that stuck out into the room.

Mike showed Bill how to use the router for the edges of the windowsill.
They made it extra wide so I could put plants on it.

Measure twice, cut once.

Mike and Bill trying to get the reveals even.

Mike primed everything after they were put together. They are
beautiful. We are building some good mojo back into this
old house, one little step at a time.

This project has been a little (rather large actually) labor
of love. Everyone that's worked on it has been
someone close to us - not someone we hired. It makes a

Monday, August 3, 2009

Since the Rain Never Stops

Thinking we were going to have a great boating weekend
we went to Rowe with the idea that Sunday would
be the perfect day.
The overcast skies lead us to thinking about an indoor project
so we finished cleaning out the library and began working on the
physical cleanup of the ceiling and floor.

Bill and I took turns using the shop vac to take
off the big chunks of paint.

I have to tell you this wasn't a lot of fun.

Cait goes up on Tuesday and Wednesday to spend her
time with a paint scraper on a ladder. She'll have even less
fun, but she's willing.

Next a little floor clean up to last us til next spring
when the entire floor will come out and the floor
joists (and maybe a sill) will be replaced. A wide pine floor
will go in the place of this one.