Sunday, April 19, 2009

Ahhh, the smell of burning brush

Cathy and Joe arrived Saturday at about 9:30 AM ready to work.  The beginning was slow
going - the brush pile wouldn't light, the stuff we were trying to clear out was
completely tangled with grapevines, chainsaws needing to be sharpened.

Once Mike arrived the big trees began coming down.  The plan is to completely
clear down to the back pature (it's been done twice before).
Bill used the bobcat to move the wood to split for next winter.

Leave it to Mike to find a little greenhouse buried in the leaves.
There are ferns growing up into this bottle.

Bill moving more wood.

The photographs don't do justice to how steep this bank is - the trek to the
fire got a little old after 50 trips or so.

You can see some of the broken trees that have to still come down - maybe today or
next weekend.

It'll be a great view to Adams Mtn. once done.  We won't have to go to the beach for fireworks,
just onto the patio.

All in all everyone was a great help!  We thank Cathy, Joe and Mike for helping
us to make some headway on a really big cleanup!

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